Munazza Sayed Afaque graduated from TAMUQ, with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. She worked as a Research Assistant on projects related to the simulation of charged particles in gas detectors with emphasis on GEM technology and searches for dark matter signatures at the LHC. She is pursuing her Master on Astrophysics in Aachen, Germany.

Abdulla Al-Suwaidi was a Mechanical Engineering student at TAMUQ. He worked in GEM simulation and spent several weeks at CERN working in GEM labs. He is pursuing his master in Physics at University College of London.

Fahad Al-Thani was a Mechanical Engineering student at TAMUQ.
He worked on ANSYS simulation of Deformation of GEM foils. He spent two months at CERN working at GEM labs. He is now at Shell-Qatar.

Taif Mohamed is an Electrical Engineering graduate from TAMUQ. She worked on ANSYS field map generation, GEM simulation and code optimization. She is now pursuing her PhD in ELEN department in TAMUQ in collaboration with TAMU-CS.

Elsherif Mahmoud graduated in Electrical Engineering. He worked on PET simulation and later on developing a coil for PET-MR operations. He is pursuing his Master in biomedical engineering in Columbia University, US.