Physics Analysis

Search for Physics Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) at the LHC:

The observation of the Higgs boson particle marked the beginning of an exciting and rich LHC research program. Since then major improvements and maintenance work have been performed to the accelerator and every detector (including the CMS experiment), to prepare for the future high luminosity regime. The aim is to collect enough data to perform a detailed study of the properties of the newly discovered particle and understand deeply its nature. In parallel, searches for new physics phenoma Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) continue as we still need to understand fundamental questions in nature such as the origin of dark matter.

While much has been unearthed about the Universe since the first run of the LHC (2009-2013), the Cosmos continues to largely remain a mystery. Only 4 percent of the observable universe is made of baryonic matter while the major constituents– dark matter and dark energy– remain domains of speculation in Modern Physics.

In this research, a Physics analysis of the data obtained from the LHC is used to check experimental data for consistency with SM, by further extending SM through supersymmetry (SUSY) using the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (NMSSM).

ACK: all computational resources, 3D visualization tools and scientific software are provided by the Research Computing at TAMUQ.